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Living Strong Consulting, LLC 

Live Bold, Abundant, & on Purpose

Living Strong Consulting provides high quality training and consulting services, which empowers leaders to build confidence, competence, and capacity for effective decision making in business and in life. Providing leaders with practical tools for systemic change and relationship based coaching to conquer the elusive nature of finding balance in career, financial strength, physical wellness, and personal/ professional integrity.

Services We Provide

Living Strong
On Demand

We offer On-Demand series that target instructional needs of educators, including classroom management, parent engagement resources, social emotional strategies, & behavior management options. 


These courses are created to be used as a bundle for professional development or purchased individually, based on your organizational needs.

Professional Development & Trauma Offerings

Trauma Informed Care is an organizational structure and treatment framework that involves understanding, recognizing, and responding to the effects of all types of trauma. 

Our training and professional development opportunities are uniquely created to meet the need of each group and organization we work with.

Click to learn more about all training and professional development opportunities we have to offer.

Equity & Justice Systems

Achieving or approaching cultural competence within an organization requires systematic change. Our services work best as a unit, but depending on an organizations immediate need, each program is structured to stand alone. Our programs include: organizational professional development, leadership development, participant cohorts, cultural climate change, community engagement, & culture conversation groups.



We provide high quality programs, activities, and workshops to support schools and organizations with their connection to parents and their communities. We create the optimum parent partnership plan for your organization. 

Resource and service options that we provide for parent partnerships include: Parent Workshops, Parent Chats, Padlets, and e-newsletters. See sample content here.

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Our Coaching Model stands on the foundation of the 7 Pillars of Living Strong.  We provide relational coaching to individuals, groups, and organizations.

Relational Coaching builds a bridge between learning about a Culturally Competent  Relational Coaching is a flexible tool used for meeting the individual needs of companies as they develop best practices. Quality coaching leads to quality staff which results in competent practices!

Leadership Development

Our leadership development process works with individuals and organizations to examine personal and professional vision statements, explore priority management, career branding, leadership assessment and customized goal setting.


We promote transformation in approaches, behaviors, and practices to maximize effective organizational impact and growth. 

Keynote Speaker Engagements

We offer our expertise in the form of keynote addresses and any form of speaking engagements. Whether it is related to Trauma Informed Approaches, Cultural Competence, or Self Care, we can empower & inspire!

Inquire below to book Dr. Jackson or a member of the Living Strong team for your group or organization.


We offer a range of ministry supports for groups organizations and events. They can be customized!

As women fearlessly pursuing the heart of a limitless God, it becomes imperative to leap and overcome defeating mindsets of fear, doubt and brokenness in order to access all that God has for us in a life of bold freedom offered in abundance.  God has given us many gifts for this journey of abundant living. 

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Living Strong Consulting, LLC