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Fearless Conversations

Fearless Conversations With A Limitless God is a series of conversations found in scripture that unpack how Christ met different individuals at specific points in their lives and interrupted their broken belief systems, misguided self narratives, tragic stories of shame and regret and exposed “hiding places” in order to free them to walk in a fearless confidence, accessing promises meant to be kept and used as a weapon to unravel lies of the enemy. As a certified trainer of trauma informed practices, I hope to bring a connected understanding between Biblical Principles and grounded science about the impact of stress and trauma on brain development and behavior through the confirmation of God’s word and instruction.  It will be a devotional, journal reflection with adult coloring pages and video series (downloadable) that will be launched in May 2019.

~ Dr. Veirdre Jackson: CEO/Founder

Fearless Conversations with a Limitless God meets women in their “hiding places” where they are often wanting and wishing for more but don’t have the practical steps and tools to move forward. 

Fearless Conversations with a Limitless God is a book and video series that utilizes a Steps of Growth framework, which walks women physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually out of a “basement” mind-set into a place of reflection and freedom by unpacking conversations found in Scripture.


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