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Parent Partnerships

Parent Engagement Series

Playing a R.O.L.E. as a Resilient Caregiver (In Person- 1 hr.)

Also available in Spanish

During this interactive session, caregivers examine the impact of toxic stress and compassion fatigue on the mind, body and emotions and then strategize tangible ways to create community care plans for setting priorities around healthy practices, personal lifestyle, intentional growth plans.

Successful Strategies for Parents As Partners (Virtual - 1 hr.)

This strength based approach to partnerships is designed to offer a gateway to providing parent leadership opportunities and to foster the 5 Building Blocks to Healthy Relationship between parents and staff. Parents/ Caregivers explore strategies for non-threatening, judgment free approaches to make connections with teachers and the classroom for a healthy program experience and collaborative relationship. This session provides the opportunity to explore and cultivate protective factors, promote deep individual self-reflection and create open learning experiences with Active Listening tools. 

Leading Parent Chats on Resilient Parenting

This session presents strategies and resources to help staff and parents find ways to restore and maintain calm, peace, and balance by bridging supports between the classroom and home. Resilient Parent Chats can be designed to offer tangible tools for family support and create a Safe, Valued and Heard experience for long ranged relationship building with program staff.

Building Our Message of Cultural Humility for Family Engagement

Trust and Safety are at the foundation of relationships. Let’s examine how to be culturally humble and cultivate mutual trust, respect, honesty, and open communication by unpacking the four categories of safety and practice spacious listening in order to hear for understanding. Program staff examine ways to plan for a supportive environment for diverse children and families and fostering center wide cultural sensitivity and awareness to enhance learning and engagement. 

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