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Meet the Team

Gina H. Curry

Equity & Advocacy Consultant


Gina H. Curry is a change agent and visionary for advocacy and activism for equity.  She has been an educator with over 20 years of experience working with youth and families through K-12, the collegiate level and in practice.  She studied and earned both her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Criminal Justice and Sociology from St. Joseph’s University. Along with her talents in the classroom and professional environments to educate, mentor, & lead, Gina has vast experiences in the behavioral health field as a clinical supervisor, behavioral specialist and therapeutic consultant to children and families.

Her passionate desire to educate, engage and develop strong communities has led her in the direction of entrepreneurship and civic engagement.  Gina and her husband, Rap set their vision forward and formed Curry Real Estate Group, LLC over 8 years ago with the mission of empowering the restructuring of community assets and increasing knowledge among young adults and the importance of property ownership and wealth building. Leading with a fresh focus on equity, the real estate experiences helped her to link the real connection between community, housing and education.  This catapulted Gina’s push to get actively involved with her local school board business and her desire for inclusion.  Gina was elected in 2017 as a School Board Director in Upper Darby, PA after an engaged campaign built on equity and representation for the underfunded school district where she resides.  Her strong understanding of her community needs and fairness in education and real estate continues to help her advocate and fight for the best education for all children. 


She lives with her husband and business partner, Rap and their three children, Rylee, Reed, and Rowan. She holds an elected and several appointed positions as the Vice-Chair of her County Political Party, and WDCDC Executive Board Member.  She is an active member of the Chester Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. She also sits on the EU PEAT: Prison Education Advisory Board, where the goal is to support healthy reintegration and hope ‘outside the bars’. She has presented at various conferences and venues on her desire to eradicate the ‘School to Prison Pipeline’ through alternative behavioral interventions that served to heal and empower positive interactions through trauma-informed practices.

Gina continues to be motivated to fulfill her most courageous endeavor yet, by living a bold, courageous and fearless life through the incorporation of equity, fairness, and accountability in her vision to create peace and wholeness in all areas of her journey. 


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